Gift Ideas for a 9-Year-Old Boy

Updated April 17, 2017

Choosing a gift for a 9-year-old boy can be a challenge. However, you may be surprised at the amount of educational gifts you can find that also promote quality family time. A trip to the aquarium, music or art lessons, or simply a toy that the family can build together engage the family and put a smile on a young boy's face.


Sports-related gifts can involve the whole family. A new soccer ball, a set of goals for the yard, a basketball hoop, or a plastic ball and bat set are some options. A set of golf clubs or a new tennis racket are more expensive but also teach responsibility, since the birthday boy will have to take care of them.


For the science or history buff, a trip to a museum or tickets to a speciality exhibit are engaging and educational gifts. Researching the history of the local area can often uncover some under-the-radar exhibits. Tickets to a sporting event, play or popular show are other alternatives.


Many boys develop an interest in cars well before they are old enough to obtain a license. A go-kart can give an active young boy plenty of reason to romp around in the yard or down a quiet street. If this is above the budget, a gift token to a go-kart track can help quench that need for speed. A remote-controlled toy car is one gift that may never get old, whether he is nine or 29.


Classic toys like a rocket kit or building set are relevant for boys in the 8- to 10-year-old age group. Such gifts also encourage family bonding, bringing family members together to assist in the construction of the toys or simply to admire the completed item.

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