Design tips for vaulted ceiling living rooms

Updated March 23, 2017

Living rooms with vaulted ceilings, which are typically larger rooms overall, are pleasantly spacious. However, they can pose interior design issues when trying to make the room feel cosy and inviting. You can fill large open spaces and high walls with colour, the right furniture, and lighting that will make your vaulted ceiling living room one of the most enjoyable and stylish rooms in your home.


If your living room with a vaulted ceiling has a cavernous feel to it, you can make the space seem smaller with the right paint colours on the walls and ceiling. Dark colours on the walls will make the space seem smaller, and in fact you can use tones that are deeper than you might usually consider for a smaller space. Choose colours that are darker in tone but complement the colours of large pieces of furniture and carpet.

Wallpaper and Art

Wallpaper or large wall hangings are another way to highlight large walls with inviting colours and textures. For wallpaper, place dominant patterns on main areas and larger walls. Coordinate the textures and colours with furniture and carpet colours. Large pieces of art should look like a fit for the wall, as disproportionately small pieces will actually highlight the excessive size of some walls. Tapestries and oriental rugs can be used for large walls that need coverings well above eye-level.

Arranging Furniture

Large rooms with vaulted ceilings can be divided into smaller, partially self-contained areas with the right furniture and arrangement. Choose large sofas and chairs covered in heavy fabrics. You can divide areas with long tables and tall bookcases to create nooks within the larger space. Tall bookshelves can complement the rise and angles of vaulted ceilings when properly placed, and colour can be added with plants and vases on the top shelf.

Hanging Light Fixtures

The proper hanging light fixtures can highlight a vaulted ceiling and fill the open space with something that is both decorative and functional. Consider the scale of the room and avoid light fixtures that are too small as this will detract from the grandeur, which is one of the main appeals of the vaulted ceiling. Also, ceiling fans can fill spaces nicely and provide pleasant air circulation.

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