Ideas for Homemade Pop-Up Cards

Updated April 17, 2017

Homemade pop-up cards are a fun way to send a greeting to a friend or family member. From the most simple of designs to more complex variations, there are a number of pop-up cards crafts which can be made by both children or adults for many different occasions and celebrations.

The Internal Stand Mechanism

The internal stand mechanism is one of the simplest techniques you can use to produce pop-up cards. Internal stand mechanism pop up cards are made from an inner and outer piece of card. Both pieces should be the same size, and should be folded in half, one on top of the other. Make two parallel cuts from the fold of the inner piece of card and bend the bit of card between the cuts inward so that it forms a stand. Glue the inner piece of card inside the outer piece to cover the cuts at the back. You can then draw or glue images onto the internal stand.

The Mouth Mechanism

Another simple mechanism for homemade pop up cards is the mouth mechanism. This also involves using and inner and outer card. Fold the inner piece of card and make a cut halfway along the length of the card, from the fold inward. Draw two diagonal lines at 45 degree angles upwards and downwards from the inside of the cut, towards the fold of the card. Fold the card inward, creating a "mouth" which opens and closes with the card.

The Pouch Mechanism

A "pouch" can be created inside of a pop-up card using a similar method to the mouth mechanism. Rather than drawing two diagonal lines from the cut to the fold, draw only the downward line, and fold only along that line. This creates a pouch when then card opens.

Animal Pop-Up Cards

Themed pop-up cards can be made with any of these mechanisms. Animals particularly are well-suited to the pop-up genre. The internal stand mechanism can be used as a base to draw or glue on an image of the recipient's favourite animal, for instance. At Easter, for instance, the mouth mechanism pop-up card can be used to create an Easter chick, or at Halloween, a black cat. Simply draw the animal on the card so that the mouth mechanism or pouch opens as would the animal's own mouth.

Romantic Pop-Up Cards

For romantic pop-up cards, as are popular on Valentine's Day and anniversaries, use the internal stand mechanism and draw on a love heart, a gift, or flowers. Alternatively, use the pouch mechanism with the pouch representing a vase and draw or glue in flowers. Similar variations for birthdays and "get well soon" cards are also possible.

Christmas Pop-Up Cards

At Christmas, an internal stand mechanism card in a portrait rather than landscape orientation makes a perfect chimney pot for Santa Claus. Simply draw bricks on the internal stand and draw or glue in Santa Claus, with his legs in the chimney pot.

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