Egg Engraving Tools

Written by megan allyce snider | 13/05/2017
Egg Engraving Tools
Egg carving requires delicate tools. (egg art image by robert mobley from

Egg engraving, or carving, involves using delicate tools to carve designs of various colours and patterns onto eggshells. There are quite a few tools that an egg engraver can use to enhance his abilities. The turbo carver, magnifying lenses and different types of burs are just a few items an egg engraver can use to add life to his carvings.

Power Carvers

A power carver is a high-speed carver that is air-powered and similar to a pencil in size, weight and shape. Some brands are also able to create engravings and relief carvings in surfaces such as wood, glass, metals, eggs, antlers and gems. The tips of a carver usually rotate at high speeds, allowing them to penetrate the surface of the egg. Many have changeable tips called burs, which come in different shapes and sizes to add enhancements to your etchings and help bring them to life.

Magnification Lenses and Lighting

You will most definitely need some type of magnification and light source to carve and engrave small and delicate objects such as eggs. There are non-head-mounted and head-mounted lighting and magnifying tools available for purchase that can help you see your egg's surface better, allowing you to etch fine details. Having some sort of magnifying and lighting source is virtually necessary for close work with egg engraving and etching.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is a tool you will need to power your engraving tools for use on your eggs. You don't need to use a large air compressor when engraving eggs. recommends an air compressor that is portable and only 6.8 Kilogram for your needs. At 80 decibels, it is not much louder than a hair dryer, but it is capable of powering your tools. You will have to use the foot pedal to regulate the power of the air.

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