The best low-crime places to live

When choosing a place to live, people often consider schools, work, community and the safeness of the area. The safest places to live with low crime are ranked nationally each year by different groups. The best and worst of small and large towns are ranked, and in 2009 Money Magazine focused on smaller towns, combining the streets safe from crime along with economics, affordable housing and good schools.

Louisville, Colo.

The best low crime place to live is Louisville, Colo. This town of roughly 19,000 people has the lowest crime in the country for cities its size. Personal crimes affect one out of every thousand people while property crimes affect 15 out of every thousand people. This town has an emergency alert system in place that notifies residents by phone for all types of problems. The schools systems have math and reading scores ranked above the national average, and within 30 miles of the town are 20 professional schools. This town has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state, and residents state they love the outdoors and the safety they feel in this area. This small town has 58 per cent of its residents being married and 84 per cent having some college education, and the average age of residents is 36.

Chanhassen, Minn.

Chanhassen, Minn., the second safest town, has 23,700 people and is 30 minutes from the Twin Cities. The crime rate has one in every 1,000 people involved in a personal crime and 16 in every 1,000 persons for a property crime. This town focuses on keeping the streets safe through crime preventions services and education. The city has Crime Stoppers, crime alerts, teenage curfews and bike helmet sales. This city also has a low unemployment rate and low property taxes, while its schools are ranked 50 per cent above average in the nation. Chanhassen is a family town, with 71 per cent of its residents being married, 86 per cent having some college education and the average age being 33. This town has 11 lakes and 34 parks for its residents to enjoy.

Papillion, Neb.

Papillion, Neb., is ranked third for safety among small towns. This town of roughly 22,000 people has zero personal crimes per 1,000 people and 16 property crimes per 1,000 people. This town has neighbourhood watch, safehouse and DARE programs to help keep this town safe. This town also has a good economic growth as well as affordable housing, with 75 per cent of the residents having some college education, 65 per cent being married and the average age being 33.

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