Christmas Gift Ideas for Roman Catholic Priests

Written by heather harris | 13/05/2017

When doing your Christmas shopping, you want to find the perfect gift for the special people in your life, and your favourite priest is no exception. For the man who is a Roman Catholic priest, it is a simple task to find the right present to suit his personality and show him that you are thinking of him during the holiday season.

Religious Gifts

When a man takes vows as a priest in the Roman Catholic church, he gives his life over to service in the name of his faith. Therefore, consider a gift that will allow him to display his pride in his vocation. You may purchase a tie with messages or symbols associated with Christianity or Catholicism for him to wear when not in his cleric's clothing. Alternatively, you could give him something for his home, such as a throw blanket or pillow embroidered with quotes from scripture or religious symbols.

Gifts to Support His Interests

While the man you are shopping for is a Roman Catholic priest, he surely has other interests to fill his life. You might consider giving a gift card for a speciality shop or venue to support those interests. If he is an avid reader, pair a gift card to his local bookstore with a bookmark, perhaps one with a Bible verse or religious symbol on it. If he enjoys music, consider tickets to his local symphony's next performance. Similarly, tickets to sporting events or hobby expositions may be good choices.

Other Gifts

If you prefer to give a gift you have made yourself, baked goods are an excellent choice. Find out his favourite type of cookies and bake a batch, presented in a festive tin. If you have a special signature recipe, such as a bread or candy, make a batch just for him.

If your talents do not lie in the kitchen, consider a crocheted scarf, cross-stitch sampler or knitted blanket to warm him body and soul through the colder months. Also remember that even those who are not talented in a particular craft can write a heartfelt letter expressing your appreciation for all he does and what he means to you. With your words from the heart, you can make a donation to his church or to another charity close to his heart.

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