Ideas for Hanging Baskets

Updated February 21, 2017

A common form of container gardening, hanging baskets spruce up your indoor or outdoor space with tall or trailing flowers or foliage. These portable baskets extend the scope of gardening and bring flowers directly to the spot. Suspended from brackets, trellises, plant hangers or hooks, hanging baskets liven up the area and add a splash of colour to your porch, deck, balcony, garden or any other spot. Use your creativity to create a striking basket that draws attention.

Monoculture Hanging Basket

Monoculture baskets contain a single type of plant to create a uniform display. When selecting the most suitable plants, consider those that grow lush and beautiful so they fill the space to create a large mass, such as vinca, wave petunias, impatiens, geraniums, pansies or other annuals. Also select plants that match your decor to complement the basket's surroundings and heighten appeal. These plants fill the inside of the container and trail over the edges to create an abundant floral display.

Mixed Baskets

Mixed plants are the staple of hanging baskets. Mix different coloured annuals or perennials, or different types of tall and trailing plants for a bright display of varied colour, scent and form. Select your favourite annuals that decorate the spot for one growing season, along with perennials that live for two years or more. Place taller or mounding plants in the centre of the basket and trailing ones near the edges so they cascade down, or train them to climb up the chains of the basket for added appeal. Make sure the plants in mixed baskets are compatible to one another in terms of sunlight, water and fertiliser requirements. Select long-lasting blooms that bloom from the end of spring or beginning of summer until fall.

Herb Baskets

A hanging basket filled with herbs suspended from the ceiling outside the kitchen serves a decorative and functional purpose. Most herbs feature shallow roots that do well in containers. Grow your favourite herbs in the hanging basket for natural scent and ease of harvest whenever needed. Parsley, sage, thyme, oregano, basil, marjoram, chamomile, chives, mint and rosehips are common specimens for containers. Make sure the herb basket receives at least four hours of sunlight every day.

Sunlight or Shade Exposure

Consider the sunlight exposure of the area to make the final plant selection. Grow petunias, million bells, verbena or geraniums in baskets exposed to six or more hours of direct sun. Shade-loving plants such as wax and tuberous begonias, lobelia, types of trailing ivies, impatiens, pansies, browallia and fuchsia liven up dark corners of your yard with vibrant colour. Mix heliotrope, sweet asylum, lemon verbena, miniature roses and miniature carnations to create a fragrant basket for your deck or patio.

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