The Best Broom for Sweeping Hardwood Floors

Updated March 20, 2018

Brooms have evolved since the days of when straw strands were tied around a stick with a piece of twine. Brooms come in large or small sizes and are made from a variety of materials. For hardwood floors, you want a broom that is easy to use and effective but one that does not scratch or dull the beauty of your floors.

Microfiber Broom

Microfiber brooms are often referred to as "mops," but they do not necessarily use water or liquid to pull up dirt and dust. The beauty of using a microfiber broom is that it easily glides along the floor, seemingly effortless and the compartments within the microfiber material trap dirt and dust in. This prevents your need to gather and pick up the dirt from the hardwood floor. Microfiber mops come with reusable covers that can be thrown in the washing machine or you can purchase disposable covers. Some of the most popular microfiber broom brands are the Swiffer, Scotch-Brite and Mystic Maid.

Whisk Broom

The whisk broom is what most people would draw if they were asked to draw a broom. Most have a triangular shape with either natural or synthetic "straws" extending from the broom stick. This type of broom is used to pull dust and dirt by sweeping in a motion toward your body. Once you gather the dust in the pile, you use a dust pan to collect and discard it. These brooms are good for gathering large items but often still require mopping afterward. To protect your hardwood floors, use a whisk broom made of rubber fibres that are softer and less abrasive on the floor. There are many brands offering whisk brooms, such as Ace and Rubbermaid.

Push Broom

Push brooms are generally made for larger floor plans. The broom is made wider to cover more area as you push the broom from behind. The fibres are often synthetic, made of rubber or other synthetic materials and are better for more industrial areas. If you are using a push broom on hardwood floors, you will want to make sure the bristles are not warn down making it more abrasive to your floors. Use a rubber-bristled broom and be sure to mop when you are done sweeping. Ace and Harper are well-known brands that offer push brooms.

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