Snack ideas that have a money theme

Updated June 15, 2017

Serve money-themed snacks on poker night, at tax-themed parties and celebrations for business deals or career successes. Small touches like these snacks serve up laughs and tie in with your decorations. Several companies produce money-themed candies and snacks, but you can also use a bit of imagination and creativity to make your own money-themed snack foods.


Use money-themed candy for a Monty Carlo party or poker night. You can offer your guests gold chocolate coins or foil-wrapped chocolate coins in five-, 10- and 25-cent denominations. If chocolate isn't your thing, you can serve up mints and sour candies with money symbols or cents printed on each side.


Celebrate a financial windfall or successful business venture with a candy lollipop bouquet. These bouquets feature 18 lollipops wrapped in money-like paper, money bags or foil dollar bills. It's an different take on the typical flower bouquet or fruit basket.


Serve Payday candy bars to your guests. Use snack-sized candy pieces in the wrappers, and serve them in money-themed dishes or in candy bags with the chocolate coins and other money candies.

Silver Dollar Pancakes

These pancakes got their name for being the same size as a silver dollar. If you're money-themed event spills over into breakfast, these pancakes allow you to carry that theme forward. Make them by using ordinary pancake batter to create miniature pancakes. Pipe whipped cream dollar signs on top for decoration and add green sprinkles.

Million-Dollar Burritos

Use a money stencil and food colouring to dye or paint money onto tortillas. Place the tortilla on a plate, money side down, and fill with beef, chicken, beans or other toppings. Wrap each burrito so that the finished product looks like a dollar bill. You can also turn crepes, pancakes, cookies and sandwich bread into dollar bills.

Money Cookies

Use a dollar-bill cookie cutter to cut out shapes from refrigerated cookie dough, or make the traditional round cookies and decorate them with frosting, food-colouring paints or food-safe markers. Use a square cookie cutter to create cookie checks, credit cards or bills.


Add a few drops of green food colouring to white cake mix and use it to create green cupcakes. Pipe on white icing or whipped cream and add green sprinkles. Finish the look with a plastic dollar sign or candy cupcake topper. Other topper ideas include coins, diamonds, sports cars and mini credit cards.

Money Wrapper Mint Holders

Use stiff cardboard coin wrappers as treat holders. Fill them with after-dinner mints and lay them out like rows of rolled coins. You can also purchase the bands that banks place around stacks of dollar bills and use them around boxes of mints or packs of gum.

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