7th Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Husband

Updated April 17, 2017

The seventh anniversary is known as the Copper Anniversary. Traditional gifts for the seventh wedding anniversary are items made of wool, brass or copper. The modern gift is a desk set. The gems are onyx, yellow sapphire and golden beryl. Choose a gift for your husband that incorporates one or many of these symbols on your seventh wedding anniversary.

Wool Items

Wool items are soft, durable and fitting gifts for men who spend time outdoors or live in cooler climates. Buy him a warm wool sweater in his favourite colour or a wool blanket that will keep you both warm at night. Woollen accessories are cosy and affordable. Consider wool socks or a woollen hat. If he does not like to wear wool or if you live in a warmer climate, consider a soft woollen rug for your home or his and hers wool towels.


Copper is used to make a wide array of useful and decorative items. If you husband enjoys cooking, consider a new copper cookware set with pots, pans and baking dishes. Jewellery is also made in copper. Buy a copper necklace, ring or watch and engrave a message on the back. If he isn't a jewellery guy, consider a copper vase, picture frame or sculpture that represents a meaningful moment in your relationship.

Desk Set

The modern gift associated with the seventh anniversary is a desk set. Purchase a matching desk set or compile your own materials to create an original set. Desk sets come with any variation of pens, pen holders, letter openers, business card holders, memo cases, desk clocks, desk pads, globes, calendar holders, book ends, paperweights, calculators, coasters and mouse pads. Desk sets are useful and come in themes, sizes and colours to compliment any desk.

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