Cowboy Horseshoe Art Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Used horseshoes can be turned into a multitude of arts and crafts projects for practical use and decoration. You don't need to have welding skills to create cowboy-themed horseshoe crafts, although it would certainly be helpful. There are powerful metal glues available at hardware and crafts stores that will bond metal almost as well as welding. Be sure to remove nails and clean all used horseshoes before starting any project.

Horseshoe Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are Native American decorations associated with warding off bad dreams and spirits. You can use horseshoes to create your own dreamcatcher. This craft is good for both kids and adults. A horseshoe dreamcatcher can be made by attaching synthetic and natural material, such as leaves, feathers, sticks, and ribbons to the horseshoe. Using fishing wire, wrap the inside of the dreamcatcher to create an intricate pattern.

Horseshoe Party Favors

For birthday parties and weddings with a rustic, country or cowboy theme, you can create party favours made from used horseshoes. Choose whether you would like to make all of the horseshoes with individual flavour or stick with a common look and theme. At your local craft store, you should be able to find all of the embellishments that you need, such as ribbons, jewels, fake flowers and other decorations. Attach embellishments to the used horseshoes using your own creativity to create your desired look. You can attach a personalised message to each horseshoe using heavy cardstock, ribbon or string. Cardstock can also be glued directly to the horseshoe.

Horseshoe Hooks

By gluing or welding together two used horseshoes, you can make a sturdy hook to hang things on. Lay the first horseshoe down on a flat surface in a "U" position. Glue or weld the second horseshoe to the curved bottom part of the first horseshoe. You will be gluing or welding the curved part of the second horseshoe to the curved part of the first horseshoe. Make sure the second horseshoe is facing upward and that the two ends are exposed; these will be the hooks. To attach the hooks to the wall, hammer nails into the holes of the first horseshoe.

Horseshoe Media Organizer

Used horseshoes can be glued or welded together to create a multipurpose organizational system that can hold magazines, DVDs, CDs or act as a mail sorter. To make a larger organizational system, increase the number of horseshoes. To create the base, place two horseshoes on a flat surface with the open ends touching each other. Glue or weld the touching sides. The end supports are created by gluing one horseshoe to each end, with the rounded end facing up. Another option is to glue additional horseshoes in the middle of the rack to create compartments.

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