Buffet Ideas for a Wedding

Updated November 21, 2016

Buffets allow your guests to choose the food they will be eating and are generally less expensive than plated and served dinners. There are a couple of different ways you can plan a buffet table menu for your wedding. After choosing the menu, it is important that you make sure the food is set up properly and the location of the table is appropriate and easy to access for your guests. Buffets have become popular options at wedding receptions.

Buffet Types

First, select what food you will be offering to your guests at your wedding reception. According to Weddings Day, there are two common types of buffets: finger buffets, which consist of finger foods, and fork buffets, which consist of foods that have to be eaten with a fork. Once you have selected your menu, you can then choose where you would like to place your buffet table and design the menu.

Finger Buffet Menus

According to Weddings Day, finger buffets are a more informal option to offer at a wedding reception and normally occur in the evening. Guests are encouraged to grab food throughout the night and may eat standing up or sitting down. Menu options for this type of buffet include sandwiches, quiche, wantons, kebabs, spring rolls, tartlets and vegetable or fruit trays.

Fork Buffet Menus

Weddings Day states that there are two types of fork buffets, cold and hot. A cold fork buffet is a more gourmet version of a finger buffet with the addition of meat carving stations. A hot fork buffet can include new or mashed potatoes, salad, coleslaw, bread and butter, lasagne, stuffing, rice pilaf, runner beans or other cooked vegetables, honey-baked ham, prime rib, salmon and more. Hot fork buffets generally also have waiters that walk around your reception with tray-passed appetizers and desserts.

Buffet Table Setup

According to Connecticut Weddings, it is important to choose food that is colourful and appealing. Fill the space in between each dish with flowers and ribbons. For added decoration, you can add a centrepiece on the buffet table such as an ice sculpture, flowers or candles. Connecticut Weddings notes that you should mirror your food dishes so that you have two of everything. This set-up allows guests to grab food from either side of the table. Make sure your food dishes are elevated so it is easier for guests to see and select from. This buffet set-up will ensure that your guests enjoy your food is and its professional presentation.

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