Side effects of metacam in a cat

Updated July 20, 2017

Metacam is the brand name for meloxicam and is commonly prescribed by veterinarians for post-surgery patients. A Metacam injection is used to reduce pain and inflammation in cats. Metacam oral is prescribed for arthritis relief. More commonly prescribed, Metacam oral usage has a narrow margin of safety, according to the manufacturer's product sheet. The difference between an effective, safe dosage and a toxin dose is extremely small.

Common Side Effects

Metacam is regularly prescribed for dogs as well as cats. However, dogs have far fewer negative reactions to meloxicam than their feline counterparts. Common side effects of using Metacam with cats have included the loss of appetite and weight loss. In numerous cases, cats have experienced diarrhoea, nose bleeds, nausea and vomiting as side effects.

Severe Side Effects

More severe side effects have also been associated with the use of Metacam in cats. This has included internal bleeding and stomach ulcers. Other reported severe side effects have included kidney failure due to a low blood supply to the renal area. These possible side effects from Metacam usage in cats not only cause extreme health risks but also can incur numerous financial expenses for the pet owner. Treatment for liver and kidney failure usually requires days of hospitalisation, resulting in large medical bills.

Rare Side Effects

In rare cases, liver disease in cats has been associated with the use of Metacam. Sometimes the Illness is so severe that euthanasia has been the solution. Prior to any Metacam treatments, your veterinarian should run blood tests to check your cat's liver and kidney functions.

Additional Concern

Because of the slight variance between a safe and toxic dosage, smaller cats under 4.54kg. have a greater risk of receiving an accidental drug overdose. They do not have the body mass needed to break down a dosage of Metacam oral. Do not be afraid to question your veterinarian if you have concerns regarding the usage of Metacam with your cat.

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