Gift Ideas for Graduating Police Officers

Updated February 21, 2017

Graduating from the police academy is a major accomplishment and deserves to be commemorated with an appropriate gift. Graduating police officers will appreciate equipment to make their jobs easier, as well as gifts that recognise their new status as officers of the law. Whatever graduation gift you give, accompany it with a card letting the new officer know how proud you are of her for what she's accomplished.

Duty Light

A police officer needs a good flashlight for night work and for investigating dimly lit areas during the day. Choose a lightweight, heavy-duty light with a bright bulb. Maglite and Streamlight are two popular brands with police.

Backup Equipment

Though police departments supply officers with most of the equipment they need to do their job, this equipment can quickly become worn. Officers appreciate backup or better grade equipment such as a second set of handcuffs or a backup weapon. Consult with other officers to find good brands of equipment that will stand up to heavy use.


Officers spend a lot of time in cars and on the streets during the daytime. A good set of sunglasses with polarised lenses will come in handy. Choose a style that looks great and works well.


Downtime passes slowly when officers are off duty but unable to be home. An iPod or MP3 player will allow the new officer to listen to music or podcasts or even watch videos during these idle times.

Engraved Items

Commemorate the officer's graduation from the academy with an item engraved with his name and badge number. A pewter stein, picture frame or even a stainless coffee Thermos makes an appropriate gift.

St. Michael Medallion

St. Michael is the patron saint of police officers. If the officer is religious, he will appreciate a St. Michael medallion, coin or key fob to watch over him. Many officers pin such medals inside their hats or Kevlar vests or keep a medal in their police cars.

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