Gift Ideas for Ice Cream Lovers

Updated April 17, 2017

When buying for a family member or friend who is a connoisseur of ice cream, simply giving her a gift token to an ice cream retail chain just isn't good enough. To make a splash with your gift, give her a gift that demonstrates you not only appreciate her love of ice cream, but want her to enjoy her passion as well. Think beyond the gift card and give her a gift that's personal and fun.

Premium Ice Cream Scoop

Many discount stores feature plastic scoops that are useless against frozen ice cream. Instead of buying a novelty ice cream scoop for him, buy a premium aluminium scoop that will effectively scoop his favourite ice cream.

Decorative Ice Cream Bowls

Most everyone has bowls, but if she doesn't have treat bowls, a set of themed ice cream bowls will allow her to enjoy her ice cream in style. Choose bowls that give the feel of enjoying ice cream in an old-fashioned ice cream parlour. Gift shops or online kitchen retailers carry a number of bowls suitable for an ice cream treat.

Hand Crank Ice Cream Freezer

Hand crank ice cream freezers will allow him to make ice cream at home the old-fashioned way. While these gifts are more on the expensive side, a quality hand crank ice cream freezer will last and create ice cream for years to come.

Miniature Ice Cream Jewelry

Many jewellery crafters make miniature ice cream jewellery that looks like miniature frozen treats. Shop online craft outlets that feature the arts and crafts of independent artisans to find these realistic looking frozen treat accessories.

Ice Cream Recipe Book

For ice cream lovers who enjoy experimenting with their favourite food, consider buying an ice cream cookbook. Choose a book that features both traditional and exotic flavours.

Waffle Cone Maker

This luxury gift isn't overly expensive, but it's sure to be one he might not consider buying for himself. These gadgets produce homemade waffle cones perfect for enjoying his favourite store bought or homemade ice cream.

Gourmet Ice Cream Delivery

Using a reusable cooler box along with dry ice, many gourmet ice cream shops will deliver ice cream to her door. Choose an ice cream you know she's sure to want to try, but isn't local to her home.

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