Gifts for a Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers deal with a number of ideas and concepts, including using physics, mechanical power and heat. Engineers of this type often work with their hands and different kinds of tools. Gifts for a mechanical engineer make great graduation gifts, holiday gifts or even birthday gifts. Engineering gifts can be something practical or ones with a more humorous slant.

Fountain Pen Set

Mechanical engineers often join a professional organisation, such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Consider purchasing a fountain pen set or collection, relating to the organisation. The pens feature the insignia of the society on the top of the pen. A clip on the top of the pen makes it useful for sliding in a pocket, and the clip keeps the pen from falling out on the job. Even if the mechanical engineer chooses not to use the pen, he can still display it on his desk.

Mechanical Engineering Shirts

Mechanical engineering shirts feature funny phrases, quotes and images relating to the person's profession. Cafe Press offers a wide selection of shirts featuring phrases about mechanical engineering, including some created by past and current mechanical engineers. One shirt shows the phrase, "Mechanical Engineers Build Weapons, Civil Engineers Build Targets" on the front. A funny engineering shirt shows different ways spellings of engineer on the front. Each one is crossed out, and at the bottom it simply says, "I'm Good at Math." The "Eat, Sleep, Mechanical Engineering" shirt is a funny option. Above each word is a different image.

Tool Case

A set of small tools is a necessity for most mechanical engineers. The tools are often lost on the job or disappear because of the small size. Purchase a tool set that gives the engineer a backup set that he can keep in his glove box or desk drawer. For a fun twist on the idea, opt for tools that double as silverware or utensils. The utensils feature a small tool on the opposite end, such as a screwdriver or wrench.

Kinetic Energy Accessories

Treat the favourite mechanical engineer in your life to a kinetic energy accessory for her desk. The kinetic energy motion desk toy features individual silver balls that keep moving in sync, once one is pushed against the others. The properties of kinetic energy are also found in clocks that use the energy to keep the clocks on time.

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