Types of Crystal Balls

Written by bobbie johnson
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Crystal balls are spherical orbs of glass or crystal used for purposes of divination and scrying, or seeing. Cultures dating back to ancient times have believed in the power of crystal balls and the information obtained from them. Clairvoyants gaze into crystal balls for clues to the past and the future, while some psychics use the orbs to focus their energies and clarify the images they are seeing.

All seers have personal reasons for selecting the crystal balls that they choose. Generally, each type of ball falls into one of four classes: solid glass, lead or mixed crystal, reconstituted quartz and pure quartz.

Solid Glass

Solid glass spheres, also known as gazing balls, are the least expensive and easiest to come by. This type of crystal ball appeals to those who require a completely flawless orb in order to practice their craft. Solid glass orbs are created from sand that has been heated to melting and formed into a solid orb. Glass crystal balls come in many transparent colours, but are mostly uniform in size.

Lead or Mixed Crystal

Lead or mixed crystal balls are made from a crystal and glass mix, or crystal combined with other types of stones such as garnet, emerald or tourmaline. Some psychics need flaws or inclusions within their orbs to cycle the energy through the ball. Lead or mixed crystal balls come in different sizes and a wide range of colours. These crystal balls can be transparent or translucent.

Reconstituted Quartz

Reconstituted quartz is natural quartz that has been ground into powder and then heated and reformed into a sphere. With enough heat and processing, reconstituted quartz can be given either a flawless or an imperfect gazing field. This allows an individual's preference to be accommodated while still garnering the strength of the quartz. These spheres come in all sizes and colours, with a range of inclusions and a translucent fogging.

Pure Quartz

Pure quartz crystal balls are formed in nature and are the most expensive form of crystal ball. Pure quartz is never clear and possesses many inclusions, giving the orb an icelike look. Each pure quartz crystal ball is completely unique and individual. Nature does not produce replicas, thereby giving the pure quartz orbs a one-of-a-kind standing. Some believe that the singularity found in pure quartz orbs grants the user a stronger, truer energy when using the crystal ball.


For decades, the film industry has passed off clear glass balls for crystal balls in paranormal and horror flicks, along with the presumption that they will all show a person the future regardless of talent. Crystal balls shown in television shows and movies are non-functioning props that maintain value only in the fact that they were once used as a prop and may have been touched by somebody famous, making their resale value at auction viable.

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