Male 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Updated June 19, 2018

A fiftieth birthday is a milestone, which means it's a perfect opportunity to throw a party, and better yet, a theme party. Over-the-hill parties for 50-year-olds have come to be almost expected, so surprise your guests with a more original theme. Don't let that gent in your life feel like he's getting old; show him a good time on this momentous occasion instead.

OO7 Martini Party

When a man is turning 50, he does not need to feel old; he should feel dashing and debonair. The best way to do this is to point out other 50-somethings whom every man would like to be, such as James Bond. The attire for your James Bond party is cocktail attire and the drinks served are martinis. You can hire a bartender for the occasion or set up a make-your-own-martini bar with recipe cards available. If possible, get the birthday guy's measurements and rent him a classic tuxedo to wear for that extra dash of Bond flair.

Dress Like Children

Since most fiftieth theme parties are over-the-hill types that focus on the man of honor's getting older, do the opposite and have everyone dress up like children. Women can put their hair in pigtails or get a wig and wear a dress with bobby socks or knee socks. Men can bring a huge lollipop and wear overalls, toddler-style, with tennis shoes. For the more daring, men can dress in a big diaper made out of a sheet and come in a baby bonnet-style hat and carrying a baby bottle or pacifier.

Decades Party

Since the man of honour is entering a new decade, throw a decade's party where everyone dresses from their favourite era. Alternatively, to be more specific, you could have everyone dress from the 50s, since it is a fiftieth party. Other popular decade parties include the '20s, '30s, '40s, '60s, '70s and '80s.

His Favorite Hobby

For a man's fiftieth, you can pick his favourite hobby and centre your theme on that. If he loves to fish, for example, have a fishing-themed party. Decorate with fishing paraphernalia. Serve shrimp cocktails and crab dip for appetizers. For a game, play a fishing game where you have people use a fishing rod and "fish" for prizes behind a screen. Other fun themes can centre on cars, golf or any other male hobby of the birthday boy.

Imitation Party

With this party, the focus is totally on the man of honour. People can come dressed like him. In addition, there can be a poster set up in a prominent place where everyone writes a funny story about the birthday boy. Later, one person can read aloud what everyone has written.

Belly Dancer

Since this fiftieth party is for a man, hire a belly dancer for the entertainment. Not only will this be fun entertainment, the belly dancer can have a session where she teaches everyone how to dance. To fit in with the belly dancer entertainment, you may wish to throw an Arabian Nights or Moroccan Nights theme party.

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