Ideas for flowers for my mother's funeral

Updated November 21, 2016

Selecting flowers for a parent's funeral can be a difficult task. However, try to think of flowers your mother loved in life, as well as flowers that you associate with her. Most florists can special order any flowers you want for funeral services. Greenery such as ivy, fern fronds, leaves and other foliage can be mixed in with flowers. Flowers can be arranged in a number of ways, from bouquets to cross shapes to blankets that cover the casket during the funeral.


Lilies are often associated with the idea of Christian resurrection and are frequently used at funerals. White lilies are especially common, although there's no reason not to use lilies in colours your mother liked or colours that are widely available at the time of her funeral.


Carnations are frequently given on Mother's Day and represent maternal love. Carnations come in a variety of sizes and colours, and they mix well with other flowers or can be arranged into bouquets by themselves.


Pink roses also signify motherhood, although if your mother liked a different kind of rose or rose colour, those also are appropriate for her funeral. Roses can be mixed with lilies, carnations or any other kind of flower and greenery for elegant funeral arrangements.


Following the death of Diana, princess of Wales, white tulips became popular funeral flowers; her casket carried a posy of these from her youngest son. Tulips come in many other colours, so if your mother liked red or purple, for instance, you could have a florist create a posy of tulips in those colours.

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