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Written by danielle odom
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Mystery Case Files has released the sequel to the first Ravenhearst game with 150 new detailed areas and immerse you into the game play like never before. As you move from room to room following the puzzles, you will need to collect items that will become necessary for the game to continue. To help to get you started here are the solutions to the first few scenes.

First Scene: Gate

When you first look at the gate you should see a bush that has sparkles. This indicates a hidden object game. Do this first as you will need the wrench to complete this scene. The list of objects to find is different each time, but the wrench is an inventory item. It should be sticking out of the mailbox. Use the wrench to remove the screws on the intercom panel.

Puzzle: Wires

Once you have opened the panel you will see 4 wires, each with numbers scratched above them. The holes above them have numbers also, 1 to 5 across and 1 to 4 going down. The first wire is 2,2 meaning you would attach the wire to the second column on the second row. The second wire is 4,1 meaning you would attach the wire to the fourth column on the first row. The third wire is 1,3 meaning you would attach the wire to the first column on the third row. Lastly, the 4th wire is 2,1 so attach this one to the second column on the first row. Once connected, click the red button and a key will fall out. Click on the key to add it to the inventory and close by clicking the mouse outside of the intercom box. Click on the gate to zoom in and select the key. Place the key on the lock and the gate will open.

Inside the gate: Front porch

Go through the gate and click on the door. A list of hidden objects will appear, and the inventory item is the typewriter key letter 'V'. Look to the right and slightly above the doorbell directly under the broken pane of glass in the shape of a deer; it will be resting on the piece of wood. After finding all the items, head to the left side of the porch. Click the open boot for another list of items. The inventory item in this scene is a brick. It will be on the right side of the post in the corner of the railing. After finding all these items, back out of the scene and go right twice. The first time right will take you to the door where you found the 'V' key, and the second will be a window. Using the brick just added to the inventory, hit the window three times to break the glass and enter the manor.

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