Employee Gifts: 25th Anniversary

Updated April 17, 2017

Twenty-five years with the same company is an achievement worth commemorating. Any employee who has demonstrated this kind of loyalty and service deserves a gift that recognises that outstanding achievement and conveys the companies pride and gratitude. You'll want to choose a gift that's both personal and substantial, as a plain or uninteresting gift can seem more like an insult than a reward.


Many companies choose to honour milestones of service with plaques or trophy-like rewards. These gifts have the advantage of being predictable and the same for each employee. These gifts can easily be engraved and personalised with details like job position and special accomplishments. An employee can keep his plaque at his desk or the plaque can be displayed at a company wall of fame or awards case.

Time Piece

Time pieces are symbolic of years of hard work. They're classic employee-recognition gifts for that reason. Clocks can be engraved at the base or on the back. Stop watches or wrist watches, which are more personal, can also be engraved.

Engraved Desk Set

Desk sets, like pen or business card holders, can indicate your gratitude for your employee's great service. It's also easy to personalise these gifts with the employee's name and the company logo.

Promotion or Special Title

You may offer a special incentive to those employees who pass serious career milestones, like 25 years. A title change to "senior staff member" or "executive level staff" and a modest pay raise can be a great reward. These can be commemorated with pins, engraved pen sets, new desk placards that display the new title or updated business cards.

Embossed Leather Briefcase

Embossed leather briefcases are large, bold statements of gratitude. They also share the advantage of being decorative and functional.


You can honour your long-term employee with a company dinner on her employee anniversary date. This can be valuable and rare one-on-one time with the company's chief executive officer or president where the employer can say thanks and the employee can ask questions, make suggestions and reflect on her long years of service.

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