Household Radiator Cleaning Tools

A radiator is a heat exchange and distribution system designed to heat your home. Such systems typically use hot water or steam to heat a room. Over time, a radiator can collect dust and debris. This detracts from your home's appearance and can also affect the radiator's performance. Several standard household tools can be used to clean the radiator.


Use a crevice or corner attachment on your vacuum's hose to suck out dust that collects within the grooves of your radiator panel. If you do not have such an attachment, slide a sock over the vacuum's standard hose. Rub the sock along the grooves to help collect and suck up dust.


A duster can be used to knock off dust that may collect behind your household radiator if the appliance does not sit flush against your home's wall. Slide a rag against the wall beneath the radiator. Push a duster between the wall and radiator, moving it up and down vertically. Dust and debris will fall onto the rag on the ground. Remove the rag and dispose or wash it after cleaning the radiator.

Sponge and Bucket

Traditional cleaning sponges can be used to clean the wall and ceiling behind and above the radiator. The heat draft from the radiator can force debris and dust against these areas. Mix a couple tablespoons of standard liquid dish detergent with a gallon of hot water. Sponge the cleaning solution onto your wall or ceiling and scrub clean.


Use a hairdryer to clean between the pipes of your radiator. Dampen a rag and hang it on the back of the pipes. Blow between the pipes using the strongest setting on the hairdryer. The air flow will dislodge dust and blow it against the wet surface of the rag.

Professional Cleaning

A professional radiator expert should be used to flush out and clean the inside of your radiator pipes. Such flushing should be done annually to optimise your radiator's performance. During this process, the expert may also inspect your radiator's mechanics to ensure proper safety.

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