Dong Quai Uses for Men

Updated April 17, 2017

Dong quai is a natural Chinese herb known for its ability to aid in the treatment of female issues, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. However, dong quai also offers some benefits for men's health and wellness. Native to Asia, dong quai is available from natural health food or vitamin stores as a powder, capsule, tea or extract. Follow instructions from your health care practitioner regarding dosage.


Men diagnosed with conditions like high blood pressure, arterial deficiencies or other cardiovascular issues may benefit from dong quai, according to the Natural Herbs Guide. Before self medicating, always discuss use of natural herbs with your doctor. Dong quai is believed to help reduce the presence of toxins in the blood and to increase circulation, enabling optimal heart function by pumping oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout the body. In some cases, dong quai has been used to treat various forms of blood anaemias, to help regulate blood sugar levels and to lower blood pressure.

Nervous System

Dong quai is believed to help calm the nerves, promote sleep and relax muscles. As such, for some, the herb may act as a mild pain reliever to help reduce frequency and severity of headaches and migraines, according to Natural Herbs Guide. Dong quai has also been prescribed by herbal practitioners to help relieve the pain of sciatica and shingles, according to Herb Wisdom.


Dong quai has been used for thousands of years by men to increase sperm potency or fertility, according to Body Ecology. An antioxidant found in dong quai called ferulic acid is believed to enhance the quality of male sperm, increasing sperm count and motility. According to the Pacific Fertility Center, ferulic acid, found in a variety of natural herbs, has been shown to increase oxygen exchange between molecules of energy, leading to improved vigour of sperm.


Dong quai is also used to treat anxiety in men and women, though the herbal remedy is mostly used in the treatment of emotional menopausal symptoms in women. Dong quai may provide help in relieving mood swings, tension and anxiety for some. According to Life Extension magazine, dong quai may be as effective as the prescription medication diazepam, more commonly known as Valium, prescribed as an anti-anxiety medication.

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