The Best Running Shoe to Use With Orthotics

Updated June 13, 2017

For any runner, one of the keys to staying injury-free is wearing the correct running shoe that keeps your foot, knee and leg in a mechanically correct, stable position. If the runner needs further adjustments beyond what the shoe can provide, then it may be necessary to use an orthotic. Most of the better running shoes manufactured by reputable companies like ASICS, Saucony, Brooks, and Nike all make removable sock liners to accommodate the use of orthotics.

Neutral Shoes

A good example of a shoe that would work well for a runner with a neutral foot, or one that does not over-pronate (roll in) or supinate (roll out), is the New Balance 883. The 883 is one of New Balance's shoes that has a wide cut to accommodate a wider foot. Since, in general, most orthotics take up more room than the manufacturer-supplied sockliner, more toe box room is needed. This is true especially if the orthotic is full-length. Even with a three quarter length orthotic, less room is available in the shoe for the runner's foot. The NB 883 is cut on their SL-2 last or shoe shape, which is a wider than usual cut, and is retail priced at £70.00 as of 2012.

Stability Shoes

For the runner who needs a stability shoe to prevent him from moderate over-pronation, the Saucony ProGrid Omni 8 is a good choice. The shoe offers nice stability support via its dual density midsole foam, and the arch-lock system. The Omni 8, like most Saucony running shoes, offers a roomy toe-box, and wide widths of 2E for men, and D for women. These features allow easy fit for most any orthotic, and its standard retail price is £60.00 The combination of the Omni's built-in stability features, and the runner's orthotic will provide excellent stability and arch support.

Motion Control Shoes

The runner that needs a shoe for maximum stability for his flatter, heavily over-pronating foot, the Brooks Addiction 9 would work well. The runner that wears this shoe may also have need of an orthotic, which the Addiction 9 easily handles. With maximum density midsole foam built in the arch, and made of a biodegradable material called BioMoGo, this shoe is available for men in widths of B - narrow, D - medium, 2E - Wide, and 4E - extra wide. For women, the Addiction 9 is made in 2A - narrow, B - medium, D - wide, and 2E - extra wide, and the standard retail price is £60.00 to £70.00.

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