Exercises for toning tables

Toning tables are passive exercise machines whose parts correspond to body parts. As you lie on the machine, the toning table parts will move with your corresponding body parts. With little or no exertion on your part, the machine will stretch and tighten muscles and improve blood and lymph circulation. Although they provide no resistance training or aerobic benefit, toning tables are effective therapeutic machines for people with limited mobility. Toning tables are computerised and have control panels that are easy to access. Before executing any exercises, select an appropriate program, such as beginner, intermediate or advanced. For each exercise, there is a specific body placement. For example, your pelvis must be placed on a particular spot for the leg exercises. Otherwise, the movement will be uncomfortable or injurious. Placement also depends on the toning table’s design. If the toning table is in a gym, a trainer will most likely advise you on proper program levels and body placement. If the toning table is a home machine, refer to its printed instructions. Because the muscle groups in the human body are interconnected, many toning table exercises involve more than one muscle group. For example, upper body exercises may also work abdominal muscles, which are part of the midbody. Isolating exercises are important, but toning multiple muscle groups together is also beneficial.

Leg exercises

To exercise leg muscles, lie on the toning table faceup. Position your legs in the corresponding leg parts of the machine, being careful to place the pelvis properly according to the machine’s design. Select the desired program and level on the control pad and start the machine. Allow the machine to move your legs while you relax into the movement. Toning table leg exercises include moving the legs alternately up and down or side to side. You can also perform leg exercises lying face down on the toning table.

Stomach and waist exercises

To target the muscles in the stomach and waist area, lie on the toning table according to directions from a fitness technician or printed instructions. This could be either faceup or facedown. Select the desired program and level on the computer control pad and relax into the movements of the table. The separate pads of the toning table under your body will move, working the muscle groups in your midbody. For example, the table may raise your legs to a stationary position while a pad under your buttocks tilts your pelvis forward and backward. There are many variations of exercises for this area of the body, and each table will be slightly different.

Upper body exercises

Lie faceup on the toning table with your knees bent. Place a bolster pad behind your knees to keep them bent comfortably, if necessary. Grasp the padded handles of two bars located at your shoulders. This will lift your arms over your chest. As the machine moves, it will lift your ribcage and move your arms. Because each table is designed slightly differently, the exercises may vary.

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