What Are the Benefits of Drinking Green Tea?

Updated June 26, 2018

A cup of green tea offers more than just a comforting hot drink. Green tea may provide you with numerous benefits, including improved health and reduced risk of illness. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, tea is second only to water as the most consumed beverage worldwide. Because it is less processed than other tea varieties, green tea retains the highest amounts of the antioxidant polyphenol, which may be responsible for most of the tea's benefits, according to The World's Healthiest Foods.

Heart Healthy

Green tea may prevent heart disease as it hydrates your body, possibly making it a healthier choice than water, according to The World's Healthiest Foods. Regularly consuming green tea may prevent coronary artery disease. Cholesterol levels may benefit from green tea consumption for additional heart-healthy benefits. Green tea appears to lower your overall cholesterol while raising your HDL, the "good" cholesterol, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.


The polyphenols in green tea may work against cancer cells and offer some protection against cancer, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. The tea may specifically target abnormal cells while leaving normal cells alone. The World's Healthiest Foods website lists several types of cancer that may be affected by drinking green tea, including prostate, ovarian, colorectal, lung and bladder cancers. Tea should not take the place of regular medical care or cancer treatments as recommended by your physician.

Other Diseases

The University of Maryland Medical Center lists other diseases that may be managed or prevented due to green tea consumption. Type 1 diabetes causes the body to produce little if any insulin. Green tea may help the body regulate glucose, keeping the blood sugar levels under control. This may help prevent or slow type 1 diabetes.

The inflammation of inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, may be reduced by green tea.

Liver health stands to potentially benefit from green tea drinking, as liver disease risks may decrease with tea consumption.

Weight Management

Green tea is often associated with weight loss. The catechins, caffeine and theanine in green tea may help the body burn fat, according to The World's Healthiest Foods. Green tea may specifically help with ridding the body of visceral fat, which accumulates in the abdominal area and is thought to increase the risks of serious health conditions.

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