Health risks of smoking for teens

Written by melissa angela
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Health risks of smoking for teens
Smoking becomes addictive within the first year (Cigarette butt image by PaulPaladin from

Before you decide to light up a cigarette, you should consider what the risks are. There are many dangerous chemicals in cigarettes including nicotine. As a teen, smoking can become a dangerous addiction that can hurt you, hurt others and hurt your future. states that all smokers including teens start by “just trying it.” There are many reasons why you shouldn’t “just try it.” The earlier you start using tobacco, the more likely you are to continue this into adulthood.


In the U.K., according to the BBC health website, many teenagers begin smoking at as young as 12 years of age. The nicotine begins becoming addictive after the first year of smoking, and the teenager may then continue the smoking into adulthood. As well as the health dangers of smoking, cigarettes are expensive and over the length of a year can put a large dent into the smoker's pocket.

Lung problems, cancer and organ problems

When you smoke, you can develop illnesses like bronchitis or pneumonia that can make you very sick. It might be harder for you to fight off these illnesses because you smoke. If you begin smoking, you are also at risk for developing long-term lung problems. You might not just develop cancer; you can develop other organ problems. Your life expectancy goes down because you smoke. If you start smoking as a teen, your exposure to the harmful effects of smoking will be longer and you are more at risk for developing these problems earlier in life.

Skin and teeth problems

Most teens are concerned about their appearance, especially the appearance of their skin and teeth. Smoking can affect your appearance in many ways: smoking causes wrinkles sooner. And because smoking constricts blood vessels, your skin is not nourished as well and your skin can appear pale and dry if you smoke according to Teens Health. Smoking can stain your teeth and nails a yellowish or brownish color as well.

Smoking stinks

As a teen, you don't want to turn off others because you stink. Smoking can cause bad breath. It might make your clothes smell. Your parents might smell it, and they will probably not be happy if you are smoking. When you are having a conversation with someone, they might notice your breath has the strong smell of smoke. Your girlfriend or boyfriend might not want to kiss you if you your breath smells like smoke. The smell of smoking can be a turn off and affect your social life in a negative way.

You hurt other people

Secondhand smoke is the smoke someone who is not smoking breathes in of a smoker that lives with them or happens to be in the same room. It has been proven to cause cancer and other lung problems for the person who is not smoking. Causing problems for a person who is not even smoking is not fair. Protect the ones you care about by not smoking.

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