What Foods Increase Testosterone in Women?

Updated June 20, 2018

Testosterone is a hormone often associated with the male reproductive system, but women also produce testosterone. The ovaries are responsible for producing testosterone in women. Low testosterone levels in women can lead to a decreased libido, according to the Mayo Clinic. Some women may consider testosterone therapy to increase their levels. Foods containing the trace mineral boron may help increase testosterone levels in women.

Peanut Butter

Preliminary studies have linked boron intake with an increase in hormonal levels in women, according to Medline Plus. A 1987 study published in Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology investigated the relationship between boron and testosterone metabolism in postmenopausal women. Twelve women between the ages of 48 and 82 were supplemented with 3mg of boron daily. The study noted a significant increase in testosterone levels in the women after boron supplementation.

Peanut butter is a significant source of boron, according to Medline Plus. Women can easily add peanut butter to their diet. Peanut butter can replace butter on breakfast toast, spread on rice cakes at lunchtime or used as a dip with carrots and celery as a snack.


Grapes also contain boron. Recommended daily values have not yet been determined, according to Medline Plus, and exact measurements in foods are not readily available. The average reported intake of boron for American men is 1.17mg per day and for American women is 0.96mg per day. Boron intake for vegetarians is higher, averaging about 1.29 to 1.47mg per day, according to Medline Plus. Women can easily increase their intakes of boron by snacking on grapes.


In addition to being high in fiber, folate and iron, beans also contain significant amounts of boron, according to Medline Plus. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends people consume more beans as a source of protein because of their health benefits. Beans can be sprinkled on a salad, added to a rice or pasta dish or made into a paste and added to a burrito. Women can also increase their boron intake with beans by using hummus, made from chickpeas, as a sandwich stuffer or a vegetable dip.

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