Boric acid treatments

Written by tracey roizman, d.c.
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Boric acid treatments
Boric acid has been used to safely and effectively treat pools and spas (swimming pool image by YN from

Boric acid is a naturally occurring compound containing the mineral boron and is commonly sold in the form of white, powdery crystals that are odourless and nearly tasteless. It has been used for centuries to preserve food, as a cleaning agent and as an antiseptic.


Boric acid kills many types of insects, including fleas, ticks,cockroaches, ticks, ants, bedbugs and slugs. For ants, use a solution of 4g (1 tsp.) sugar, 14g (1 tbsp.) boric acid and 120ml water. Soak cotton balls in the solution, then place them in the path of the ants.

For cockroaches, form a dough with 240ml boric acid, 60g flour, 15g sugar and 60ml cooking oil. Form the dough into marble-size balls, then place it in areas frequented by cockroaches.

Swimming pool disinfectant

Its disinfectant properties make boric acid a possible substitute for chlorine in swimming pools and spas. It has a softer feel to the skin than chlorine, and it inhibits fungal growth, prevents contamination and may prevent eye and ear irritations associated with chlorine-treated pool water. The mineral boron is also used as an ingredient in eyewashes, contact lens solution and baby powder.

Household cleaner

To make an all-purpose spray cleaner, shake 28g (2 tsp.) borax in a spray bottle with 475ml hot water, advises the website To use boric acid as a toilet bowl cleaner, simply pour 240ml into the toilet bowl and leave it overnight. In the morning, use a brush to remove dirt, including rust rings. To kill mold without damaging paint, make a paste made of boric acid and water, and place it in moldy areas. When the paste dries to a powder, vacuum or sweep to remove it, then rinse off any remaining residue.

To rid a house of mice, sprinkle boric acid along the edges of walls and floors where mice like to run. Mice don't like boric acid and will usually not return. Similarly, you can control fleas by applying boric acid to floors, pet bedding and furniture. Leave it on for as long as a week, then vacuum.

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