What to Get the Bride When You're the Maid of Honor

Updated April 17, 2017

Being a maid of honour is a huge responsibility. Planning the hen party, making a speech at the reception and tending to the bride throughout her big day are just a few of the many duties you are expected to fulfil. Of course, you also need to buy the bride a wedding gift. Although the gift does not need to be expensive, it should be personal and reflect the bond that you both share.

Sentimental Gift

A sentimental gift could be something homemade or store bought. For example, you could make a quilt out of clothing and other fabrics that have significance to the bride. Or, you could buy her a wedding certificate holder and have it engraved. Other ideas include a scrapbook, a painting of the bride and her groom, engraved champagne flutes for the couple to use on their wedding day or an engraved keepsake box for storing wedding memorabilia.

Photo Gift

Photo gifts can be ordered online or at your local photo centre. You can have the couple's engagement photos printed on a photo blanket or have photos taken throughout their relationship made into a coffee table book. Other ideas include a professionally stretched and framed canvas photo, photo pillows, a cafe table and chairs with a photo printed on the table top or a 3D photo cube made out of crystal. Alternatively, you can purchase a digital picture frame and fill with photos of the couple.

Group Gift

Although purchasing a basic gift off of a couple's registry can seem a little impersonal coming from a maid of honour, most couples usually include a few more expensive items that they would be thrilled to receive. If this is the case, you and the other bridesmaids could split the cost of the gift. Examples of more expensive wedding gifts include kitchen appliances, electronics, furniture, exercise machines or billiard tables.

Weekend Getaway

After the stress of planning a wedding, most couples just want to spend a few relaxing days together. If the couple isn't going on a honeymoon, you can give them this experience with a weekend getaway. Ideas include a two or three night cruise or a couple of nights at a spa, swanky hotel, secluded cabin or bed and breakfast.

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