Cool Birthday Present Ideas for Your 14-Year-Old Boyfriend

A birthday present that works well for a grown man might not be so successful for a 14-year-old boy. At this age, boys are not interested in items such as a wallet, watch or bottle of cologne. Teenage boys want a cool birthday present, especially if the giver is their girlfriend.

Fare Feast

Give your boyfriend the gift of food and put together a picnic lunch or dinner for him. This is easy to pull off even if you're not a great cook. Visit your grocery store deli and pick up a couple of gourmet sandwiches, pasta salads or garden salads, a pack of fancy cookies and bottled white grape juice. Place the food in a picnic basket with plasticware, glasses and napkins, and take him to your favourite spot for his birthday picnic.

Creative Clothing

A simple idea is to give him a cool T-shirt you've made. A one-of-a-kind article of clothing will remind him of you each time he wears it. Make it to order especially for him, which you can do no matter what his interests: music, lacrosse, astronomy, football, chess, skateboarding, anime, gaming or surfing. Several websites let you either create your own design or choose from their vast store of designs.

Uncommon Enjoyment

Think of a new activity you can try together on his birthday, something that will far outdo the usual plan to just see a movie or hang out at the mall. Take him to a pottery-making, horse-riding, archery or woodworking class. Pick something neither of you has done before to add to the fun. Try an adventure like rock climbing, kayaking, spelunking or hot air ballooning, and you may discover a new hobby that you can enjoy together.

Cute Craft

Make him a handmade accent pillow, and take it from plain pillow to a cool cushion by customising it. Start by cutting two fabric squares of equal size. Onto the centre of one square, stitch a note such as a personal message, a poem you wrote, both of your initials, lyrics to "your" song or whatever you like. Hold the squares together, note facing out, and sew three of the four sides closed a half-inch in from the edge. Stuff the pillow with batting or cotton balls. Finally, sew the fourth side closed.

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