Decorating wedding arches & columns

Updated April 17, 2017

You can purchase or rent wedding arches and columns in a variety of styles to fit either a formal or an informal wedding. One benefit of decorating your own arches and columns is that you can design them to coordinate with your wedding theme and colours, and choose the decorations on your own. Make one arch and two columns to decorate the wedding altar, and make an additional arch, if desired, for the entryway into the reception hall or garden. However you decide to decorate them, arches and columns will add a touch of romance to your special day.


Whether your wedding is in a garden or indoor setting, flowers are romantic decorations for wedding arches and columns. Add real flowers for their beauty and scent by wiring small bunches in the corners of the crossbars. Alternatively, decorate the arch and columns using faux silk flowers and greenery. Weave garlands of flowers or greenery, such as ivy, around the entire arch or column. You can choose to weave the garlands around the outer edges of the arch only or across the cross bars for a lush appearance.


Use long yardages of fabric to wrap around arches and columns. Measure the entire span around the arch and height of each column in inches and divide each of these numbers by 36 for the correct yardage amount. Purchase more yardage than the measurement to allow for a loose drape. Use tulle, chiffon, organza or lace fabrics. Such fabrics as chiffon and organza come in jewelled varieties for additional sparkle. Drape them loosely up and around the arches and columns. Create bows with additional fabric and tie them onto the arches for an even more romantic appearance.


Weave string lights with white cords and bulbs around an arch or column for romantic lighting. Alternatively, miniature lights are sold on mesh sheets that wrap easily around arches, spacing the bulbs out for even lighting. Wrap the lights first and then add sheer fabrics over the lights for ambience. For a tall arch, attach a hanging candelabra from the centre of the arch and use candle colours that match your theme. Add large pillar candles on decorative candleholders to the top of low wedding columns for additional light.


Add decorations to match your wedding theme to the arches and columns. Tie on traditional decorations, such as wedding bells. Alternatively, for a holiday wedding, tie traditional holiday items to the fabric or garland. Covering an arch in either heart-shaped or coloured balloons to match your wedding theme gives it a romantic and festive appearance. For an outdoor or garden-themed wedding, attach such items as birds' nests, butterflies and white doves to complement your floral decorations.

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