What Is the Confirmation Code on eBay?

Written by clare edwards | 13/05/2017
What Is the Confirmation Code on eBay?
You can buy and sell online with eBay. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

eBay is an online auction site where you can buy and sell goods. Registering on eBay lets you conduct all of your transactions from a single account so your details are always stored in one convenient place. To register, you'll need a secure, reliable e-mail account. Once you're entered your personal contact information into eBay's registration form, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation code. You'll need this code to complete your registration.

What is the Confirmation Code?

A confirmation code is a unique code that sites such as eBay assign you when you register. This lets you confirm that the email address you've supplied works and that you want to go ahead with registration. You can confirm either by clicking the confirmation link -- which contains the code -- or by entering the code manually.

Your Email Address

When you sign up with eBay, you'll be asked to provide an e-mail address. It's crucial that you give a working e-mail that you can check right away -- not a false e-mail, an e-mail you no longer have access to or an e-mail you can't get to immediately. You must be able to open the email that eBay will send you with your confirmation code. Avoid using e-mail services that delete your account if you don't log in for a while -- if you lose access to your e-mail, you could lose access to your eBay account.

Where is my Confirmation Email?

If e-mail with your confirmation code hasn't arrived after a few hours, check your spam folder (bulk or junk folder). Sometimes eBay's confirmation e-mails can get rerouted there by oversensitive spam filters. Check that your inbox isn't too full -- if there's a cap on the amount of information you can store in your inbox, you may need to delete a few old messages before your eBay e-mail arrives. In some cases an Internet service provider may block e-mails originating from the Web altogether. Make sure your e-mail is set up to receive mail from the Internet. If you've tried everything and your e-mail has not arrived within 24 hours, request eBay re-send it using the link labelled "resend" on the relevant Help page, "Using a Confirmation Code to Complete Registration." Follow this link, enter your e-mail in the field provided and left-click on the "Resend" button.

Finding and Using your Confirmation Code

Once your confirmation e-mail from eBay arrives, you can complete your registration by clicking the link given in the email. If for some reason the link doesn't work, you can get around this using your confirmation code instead. You should find your code near the bottom of your e-mail. Enter it in the box specified by the on-screen instructions -- it may already have been entered for you. If your e-mail address is not displayed in the appropriate field, enter it.

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