Why Does Apple's Symbol Have a Bite in It?

Written by ethan pendleton
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Why Does Apple's Symbol Have a Bite in It?
Based off of its fruity namesake, the Apple logo has decades of design behind it. (Photos.com/Photos.com/Getty Images)

The Apple logo can be found on countless computers, music players and other products. It makes sense that Apple would have chosen that piece of fruit as its logo, but there's also an interesting meaning for the bite that has been taken out of the apple. Next time you see that glowing apple on someone's laptop, you will know why it's missing that bite.

Fruit Identification

One reason Apple's symbol has a bite in it is to let consumers know that the symbol is an apple and not another kind of fruit. Edible Apple, a site that documents Apple news and rumours, quotes the logo's designer, Rob Janoff, as saying that he wanted people to know the logo was an apple and not a tomato.


The bite out of the apple is also a play on words. As Edible Apple points out, technical aficionados might see the bite and think of the "byte," a unit of digital information storage. The first version of the apple-with-a-bite logo was created in the late 1970s, when fewer people owned personal computers and those who did often considered themselves to be nerds.


Another possible reason that the logo has a bite taken out of it is the bite's clever allusion to the biblical story of Adam and Eve. As noted by Apple Museum, a website dedicated to documenting the company's history, former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée believes the apple represents knowledge. In the Old Testament's Book of Genesis, the Tree of Knowledge bore forbidden fruit, and when Adam and Eve took a bite from the fruit, they gained knowledge.

The Original Apple

The basic modern Apple logo is quite different from the original logo the company used. The original artwork was created by Ronald Wayne and is a much more complicated design depicting Isaac Newton sitting under the apple tree just before the apple falls, inspiring him to conceive the idea of gravity. The words in the frame around Newton reflects the company's desire to advance knowledge: "Newton... A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought ... Alone."


Originally, the apple-with-a-bite logo featured six coloured stripes. Over time, the logo was cast in a solid colour and is sometimes designed with a glossy, reflective look. Like most logos, the design changes over time to reflect changing tastes and to look impressive on different kinds of hardware.

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