Salary of a Consultant Anaesthetist

Written by chris newton | 13/05/2017
Salary of a Consultant Anaesthetist
Consultant anaesthetists often work long, hard hours in hospitals and medical facilities. (Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

A consultant anaesthetist, or anaesthesiologist, focuses on the care of surgical patients and provides pain relief. Consultant anaesthetists are critical specialists who are responsible for monitoring, assessing and maintaining a patient's vital life functions during surgery. The earnings for consultant anaesthetists and other physicians are among the highest of any occupation, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports.

Employment and Mean Wage Estimate

Anesthesiologists and consultant anaesthetists held 34,820 jobs in May of 2010, according to the BLS. The BLS also reports the mean hourly wage for anesthesiologists was £68.7 in 2010. The mean annual wage for this occupation was £143,065 that year.

Hourly and Annual Wage

The BLS reports that the lowest-paid ten per cent of anesthesiologists, including consultant anaesthetists, earned an hourly wage of £37.7 or less, or an annual wage of £78,429 or less. All other anesthesiologists earned £52 or more per hour, or £108,160 or more per year, according to the BLS.

Salary by Industry

The BLS also reported that the salary for anesthesiologists varies by industry. Anesthesiologists and consultant anaesthetists employed in the offices of physicians earned some of the highest salaries by industry in 2010, with an hourly mean wage of £71.2 and annual mean wage of £148,226. Those who work in offices of physicians are also reported to have the highest concentration and levels of employment for this occupation. Other industries of employment for consultant anaesthetists include outpatient care centres with a mean annual salary of £146,945; general medical and surgical hospitals with a mean salary of £121,875; and speciality hospitals with a mean salary of £118,040.

Salary by State

The BLS also reports the salaries of consultant anaesthetists vary by geographical location of employment. The state of Wyoming was the top-paying state for this occupation in 2010, with a mean salary equal to or greater than £108,160. The states of Tennessee, Oregon, New Jersey and New Hampshire are also reported to be top-paying states for this occupation with similar salaries to Wyoming. The state of California is reported to have the highest employment level for this occupation, with 4,080 jobs and a mean hourly wage of £71.9 or annual mean wage of £149,734.

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