Why Isn't My Dyson Vacuum Sucking?

Updated February 21, 2017

Dyson is a company that designs and manufactures vacuums that are bagless and that will not lose suction as long as the vacuum is working properly. If the vacuum stops being able to suck up dirt and debris, stop using it and troubleshoot the issue to determine what the problem is. Consult your owner's manual and contact the company if your vacuum is under warranty. The company will repair the machine if they find that the machine, and not your care, is at fault.

Filter Is Dirty

If the filter is dirty, the machine will not be able to pick up any dirt and will lose its suction. All Dyson machines are fitted with washable filters. Remove the filter from the machine and rinse it off with cool water until the filter looks clean and the water runs clear. Wring the filter out and let it dry for 24 hours. Replace it in the machine and continue using the vacuum.

Dirt Bin Is Full

The vacuum will not be able to pick up any more dirt if the dirt bin is full. All Dyson vacuums have a clear bin that will show when it needs to be emptied. To do this, remove the bin from the vacuum and hold it over a dustbin. Press the bin release button to open the bin and remove all of the dirt. Replace the dirt bin in the machine.


Sometimes, the vacuum hoses can get clogged with dirt and other debris. This will prevent the machine from having suction. Remove clogs from the machine by removing the U-hose and clearing it out. Also remove the vacuum hoses from the machine and slide a long-handled brush through to pick up any clogs.

Clogged Brush Bar

The brush bar powers the vacuum along the floor and brushes the carpet to remove any embedded dirt particles. The brush bar will eventually get covered with strings and hairs. These will eventually clog it and prevent it from turning, which will prevent the machine from having suction. Remove the strings and hairs by clipping them off with scissors.

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