Grout Colors for Limestone Tiles

Written by tim daniel | 13/05/2017
Grout Colors for Limestone Tiles
Tile setter grouting travertine, a form of limestone. (Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Grout colour can make or break the blood, sweat and tears a do-it-yourselfer has put into a limestone tile job. For example, a grout that is too light-coloured washes out the neutral beige tones of limestone. A too-dark grout creates an ugly, busy, grid-like look. On the other hand, a great colour match blends limestone tile's colours, putting the proverbial cherry on top of the do-it-yourself project.

Beige Limestone

The vast majority of limestone tile has a soft beige tone. Travertine -- the most common variety of limestone -- has creamy, soft beige colours. Different companies provide grout colours in beige tones appropriate for limestone. Look for these colour names at tile suppliers or home improvement stores: Antique Linen, Antique White, Bone, Alabaster, River Rock, Hemp, Marble Beige and Parchment.

Light Brown Limestone

In addition to beige tones, limestone portrays light brown tones, especially travertine limestone called "noche" or "Mexican noche" by tile suppliers. Grout manufacturers identify different strains of brown grout appropriate for limestone, including Urban Putty, Fawn, Sahara Tan, Sandstone, Haystack, Sand Beige and Desert Khaki.

Gray Limestone

In addition to shells and other prehistoric sea creatures, fossiliferous limestone from a particular quarry in Turkey has pleasant grey tones. For limestone tile with a light grey tone, consider using grout colours found under these names: Platinum, Delorean Gray, Slate Gray, Smoke Gray and Natural Gray.

Gold Limestone

Brown grout complements gold-coloured limestone like so-called "yellow" travertine. As is the case with brown-coloured limestone, the following grout colours are appropriate for gold-toned limestone: Urban Putty, Fawn, Sahara Tan, Sandstone, Haystack, Sand Beige and Desert Khaki.

Additional Tips

Experienced tile setters determine the correct grout colour for limestone by using a grout chart. Tile grout manufacturers and suppliers provide grout charts free of charge. Additionally, craftsmen grout a small, inconspicuous test area before grouting the entire limestone tile job.

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