My Laptop Fan Randomly Gets Loud

Written by katherine johnson
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My Laptop Fan Randomly Gets Loud
Cleaning your laptop regularly can prevent your fan from becoming loud. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

When your laptop fan begins to randomly get louder, it can be a cause for concern. Reasons for loud fan noises range from the fan being clogged with dust and dirt to the imminent failure of your laptop's fan. As soon as you begin hearing excessive noise coming from your fan, you should take action to reduce or eliminate the noise.

Reduce Your Processes

Reducing the number of active computer processes that are not vital to your computer's operation will reduce the load on your processor. When your laptop's processor is hard at work, it generates a great deal of heat that must be removed from your laptop. Your laptop's fan compensates for the heat by working harder to remove it. This will increase the noise that your laptop's fan generates. Close any unneeded tabs and windows that you have open on your computer to reduce the load on your processor.

Dusty Vents and Fans

When your laptop sits in a dusty or dirty environment, your laptop's CPU heatsink, vents and fans will get clogged. The build-up of dirt and dust will force your laptop's fan to work harder to increase air circulation and cool your laptop. Make an effort to keep your work area clean and free of dust. You should also frequently clean your laptop's vents and fans with compressed air to remove any excess dust or dirt. Turn off your laptop and remove the battery before attempting to clean it. Remove the fan from your laptop, if possible, before you begin cleaning it. Hold the blades of the fan still to prevent them from spinning while you clean the fan with quick bursts of compressed air. If the blades are large enough, wipe them off with a soft cloth.

Fan Needs Oil

Your laptop fan's sleeve bearing assembly might not be properly sealed and may have dried out. You can add a single drop of lightweight mechanical oil to the assembly so that it will operate silently again. The sleeve bearing assembly is located underneath the sticker centred on your laptop's fan. Remove the sticker and the plug directly beneath it to access the sleeve bearing assembly. Place only one drop of oil on the assembly and replace the plug after you have added the oil. This should quiet your noisy laptop fan in under a minute after the fan is turned on again.

Imminent Fan Failure

Your laptop's fan may be making strange noises because it is about to fail. If you have already cleaned the fan, reduced your computer processes and added oil to the fan without any results you should replace the fan before it fails. Once the fan fails, your system will overheat and damage your laptop's components. This may force you to purchase several new laptop components or a new laptop.

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