The Best Brushes for a Poodle

Updated April 17, 2017

Poodles make wonderful pets for people with allergies, as their dander and shedding are mild enough to be tolerable. Poodles are generally grouped with dogs that don't shed. This isn't completely true, as all dogs shed, but poodles shed less often than many other breeds. The downside to limited shedding is more work and time spent grooming your poodle.

Poodle Care

The poodle's hair must be brushed and combed regularly to prevent matting. They also should be taken to the groomer regularly to keep their hair at a manageable length. If groomed regularly, the poodle will not need a bath between grooming sessions. Accidents and life can happen, and your poodle may need a bath. Carefully comb the poodle before the bath and brush with a series of brushes and comb again to remove any mats or knots.

Greyhound Comb

Combing out your poodle before a bath can save you a from dealing with a lot of matted hair later. The greyhound comb has wide-spaced teeth at one end and more closely spaced teeth at the other. The wider teeth should be used at the first pass to get larger tangles out of your poodle's fur. Follow this with the smaller teeth to get any remaining knots out. Greyhound combs also come with handles. This may prove easier for you to hold and it can make the grooming process more efficient.

Pin Brush

A sturdy pin brush will get to the skin of your poodle and pull matted hair out. It has metal teeth that are set in rubber with a wooden handle. To use a pin brush, start at the tail of your poodle and brush small sections of fur until you reach the head and ears. Take care to brush slowly and deliberately ensuring the brush does not hurt your poodle.

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush has bent wire bristles that work to lift the hair from your poodle and give the fur a healthy, fluffy appearance. The slicker brush won't effectively remove tangles; therefore, the brush should only be used after all mats are combed out or after the poodle has been bathed, brushed and combed.

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