90s Home Furnishing & Decor Styles

Updated February 21, 2017

Houses built in the 1990s were considerably larger than those built in previous decades. The decorating styles of the decade incorporated the wide-open spaces in the homes for a light and airy look. Interior decorating styles included Southwest decor with natural colours and textures throughout the larger-sized homes. To fill the larger houses, homeowners chose bigger pieces to furnish the rooms.

Great Rooms

Great rooms are family rooms off the kitchen with high ceilings and fireplaces. The larger rooms are a place for families to gather for movies and family night entertainment. In the 1990s, the great room gained popularity in family homes. In a home with a great room, bedrooms and kitchens feed into the centrally located family room.


The Southwest decor in 1990s homes included natural colours such as brown, cream and neutral shades. In addition, the colour choices included dark red and blue as well. Sage green, teal, aquamarine and blue-green were also common colour combinations in 1990s homes. White-on-white decor also gave 1990s rooms a sleek, modern look.

Natural Elements and Country Decor

Natural elements such as water fountains, polished stones and materials from nature fit in well with the decorating style of the 1990s. A rustic country decor such as shabby chic creates a charming appearance in 1990s home interiors. To create the rustic appearance of a country decor, homeowners distressed furnishings to give pieces an aged look. Arranging furnishings using feng shui was also popular in the 1990s. Feng shui is the art of arranging furnishings and elements in a room to improve the flow of energy for the occupants of the home.


Sectionals can fill the larger great rooms and provide comfortable seating for everyone in the family. The typical design for a sectional sofa in a 1990s great room wraps around the corners in a section of the plus-sized room. Heavy armoires as entertainment centres hide televisions and video equipment in the bedroom. Large armoires also provide additional storage for clothing in a 1990s bedroom.

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