Tree Border Edging

Updated February 21, 2017

Trees are hardworking parts of the landscape. They add ornamental value, some provide shade and others even fruit. It is fitting, therefore, to attentively care to its appearance, not only in pruning, but in providing a border edge. The concept of a border around a tree is the same as edging a flower bed or any other part of a landscape. The only difference is to do so in a way that will not cause injury to the tree.

Tree Ring

Tree rings are made of recycled rubber, provide a neat edge around trees and are wear resistant. The rings come in five sizes with a centre hole to fit around the trunk. It is available in walnut or redwood to better blend in with a landscape, and. It suppresses weeds but effectively allows water and air to flow to the roots.


A layer of mulch is one of the simplest tree borders to install. Trees only need a thin layer to prevent grass growth and to help keep the soil moist. Mulch is also one of the least expensive borders to install around a tree and helps keep pests at bay.

Wooden Border

A wooden border around the base of a tree provides a more decorative edge and also a planting area for annuals or perennials to add a splash of colour. To install a wooden border, first dig a trench and the lay the pieces of wood in place. In time, the wooden border will need replacement due to wear and potential rot.

Stone Border

Stone is one of the most expensive options for a tree border. It is installed the same way as a wooden border. The higher cost of a stone border is recouped in the long run, as it will not require replacement due to wear, only if the homeowner desires to change it for aesthetic purposes. Stones come a range of colours and textures, adding interest and texture to the landscape.

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