Digital Devices to Measure a Room

Written by keith allen
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The simple task of measuring the size of a room has joined the digital age. A number of devices utilising computer technology enhance the methods we use to make measurements. The devices improve the convenience and accuracy of measurements. People working alone often chose a digital measuring device over a tape measure because it does not require a second person to hold the other end of the tape.

Lasers or Sonic

Some digital measurement tools use a beam of laser light or a sound wave to measure distance. The device sends out the laser beam or sound, and measures the time it takes it to bounce off a wall or other structure in order to calculate the distance. This type of device requires a relatively flat surface for the signal to bounce off, and works well making interior room measurements.

Digital Tapes

Some physical tape measures include a digital component. Place the tape between the walls of the room and a digital readout on the tape measure indicates the distance. This eliminates the interpretation of the little marks on the tape to determine the measurement. The digital readout remains on the display until cleared, allowing a reference point for taking notes.

Other Features

Some laser measurement tools utilise triangulation to calculate the distance between two points even if the tool is not located at one of the points. These devices use the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the third side of a triangle when the laser pointers are aimed at the two points that mark the ends of that side of the triangle. Other measuring tools have built-in calculators and can display measurements in a variety of units.


A common standard of accuracy for laser or sonic digital tape measures is 99.5 per cent. In a 10-foot-square room, this is a margin of error of slightly more than half an inch. These types of tools are commonly not used for fine measurements, but are often used for estimating tasks.

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