Disco ball cake decorations

Written by stephanie kelley | 13/05/2017
Disco ball cake decorations
Disco ball cakes bring flash and shine to parties and events. (Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images)

A disco ball-themed cake can be a centrepiece for a disco-themed party. The disco ball hit the dance scene in the 1970s and has been associated with the disco era since that time. But a disco ball cake does more than serve as a prop for a disco party. It can also be used to liven up a New Year's Eve or dance party.

Disco Ball-Shaped Cake

Make a cake that is round and reflective like a disco ball. Bake in any flavour a cake in a round cake pan. Let the cake cool, and then frost with chocolate or white icing. Cover the entire iced cake with silver, reflective sprinkles. These metallic-looking sprinkles are edible and are available at baking supply stores. The cake will be round and reflective, just like a real disco ball.

Disco Ball Cake Toppers

Use small disco balls as cake toppers for a cake. Small disco balls can be found at craft stores or at Christmas time in the ornament aisle. Use these small balls as cake toppers on a sheet cake. Cover the cake in black fondant or chocolate frosting. The dark icing will help the light-coloured, reflective disco balls stand out. Group the small balls in the corners of the cake, or use one and spread silver sprinkles around the ball.

Cup Cakes

Make cupcakes that look like small disco balls. Bake the cakes in silver cupcake cups. When the cakes have cooled. Add a layer of rolled black fondant to the top of each cake. Then use a paint brush to paint lustre dust onto the fondant. Lustre dust is an edible metallic dust that can purchased at baking supply stores.

Other Disco Ball Cake Decorations

Consider other ways to decorate a cake with a disco ball theme. Make a tiered cake and nestle various sized disco balls in between the tiers. Another way to decorate a cake in a disco ball theme is to simply draw the image of a disco ball onto a sheet cake. Use grey-coloured icing or metallic lustre dust to add the mirrored look to the ball.

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