Problems With the Kawasaki ZX6R

Updated February 21, 2017

The Kawasaki ZX-6R or Kawasaki Ninja is a 600cc sport bike. The ZX-6R was first released in 1995 and has proven to be very reliable. It has a four stroke, liquid cooled, dual overhead cam, four value cylinder head transverse in line four cylinder engine. It produces 107.7 horsepower at 14,100 RPM.

Engine Does Not Start

If the engine does not start, first confirm that the bike is in neutral. The problem may be with the starter motor, starter relay or starter button. A battery with low voltage may also be the culprit. Faulty or frayed wires can cause a short that keeps the bike from starting. A blown fuse is a common issue and easy to replace.

Poor Running

Low battery voltage, a dirty or broken spark lug, ECU issues, cam and crank shaft issues are common culprits for poor performance. The air passage may be clogged, or there may be a hole in the air pipe. The air filter may be dirty and you need to replace it. Finally, a malfunctioning fuel pump commonly causes irregular performance.

Slipping Clutch

A slipping clutch can be very dangerous. Fortunately, diagnosing the problem is fairly easy. Check the friction and steel plate to see if it is worn or warped. Check for a broken clutch spring. Examine the clutch hub/housing for unevenness. Check the inner clutch cable to see that it is not broken. Finally, examine the clutch release mechanism.

Engine Noise

Knocking can be caused by the IC igniter in the ECU. Buildups of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber also can cause problems. Low grade fuel will definitely cause engine knocking. Check for overheating or an incorrect spark plug. A piston slap can be caused by excessive clearance by the piston, by piston wear, or a bent connecting rod. Noise from the valves can be causes by an incorrect valve clearance, a broken valve spring and a worn camshaft bearing or valve lifter.

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