Class Assembly Reception Ideas

When planning a class assembly reception, first determine the goals of the event and the level of formality you want to establish. The natural elements will soon fall into place, including the guest list and the schedule of events. If you get stuck for ideas, have students give their opinions; you may even want to organise some of them into a planning committee.

Guest Speakers

Guests of honour are a regular installation at class assembly receptions. They often give speeches to share their experiences and motivate students. Decide on what values or message you want to leave your audience with and plan your guest speakers accordingly. A graduation assembly could benefit from listening from a member of the school's alumni; a sports assembly may want to hear from a local sports hero; a class assembly at a Catholic school would be interested in hearing from their community priest or bishop.


Awards for things like academic achievement, sports accomplishments, citizenship and leadership are another typical feature at a class assembly reception. There are plenty of awards that fit into those categories, so you'll have to decide on the ones that are most appropriate for the occasion or theme of the assembly. Winners could be honoured with a certificate, statue, ribbon, scholarship, or even a gift token. Don't forget to take photos of the winners.

Food and Refreshments

Food and refreshments should follow the tone and scope of the assembly reception. A class of university art students could be treated to wine tastings and hors d'oeuvres; a purely celebratory assembly could include a champagne service, and an end-of-year formal affair would fit well with a sit-down dinner. Of course, assembly receptions for younger students would have to be alcohol-free but they can still enjoy a casual table of sweet treats, like cupcakes, crispy squares, and brownies. Middle and high school graduation assembly nights work well as sit-down buffet dinners.


It's not unusual to have class assembly receptions in the school auditorium or amphitheatre, but if you're looking for something a little different, there are a few other ideas to consider. Why not hold the reception outdoors? If the school has a beautiful garden or sports arena, this location could provide plenty of space to set up a podium, tables, and seating as needed. For peaceful respite from the school, especially when regular classes are commencing at the same time as the assembly, look for a nearby chapel or reception hall that accommodates private functions.


Coming up with all of the money to carry out your good ideas may be tricky. Leading up to the event, have students do some of the fundraising by selling raffle tickets, holding a car wash, or bake sale. If the school has business classes, try to make the fundraising into an entrepreneurial challenge for the students in the class. When it comes to the actual night of the assembly, you may want to raise money during the event if there is a special charity or fund that the school supports, such as a sister school in a third world country, or a local library that distributes books for the blind.

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