How Much Does a Hotel Concierge Get Paid?

A hotel concierge typically gets paid an hourly wage, but it is customary that a significant part of his income will be in tips from hotel guests, at least in the top-tier luxury hotels. Hourly wages don't vary much throughout the United States, however tip income certainly will. The greatest determining factor of tip income is the type and location of the hotel in which the concierge works.


According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2010 mean hourly wage for a hotel concierge is £8.90 per hour for a mean annual wage of £18,538; however, this does not include tip income.


The top five states that employ the most hotel concierges in 2011 are New York, with a mean wage of £12.80 per hour; California, with a mean wage of £9.40 per hour; Florida, with a mean wage of £7.80 per hour; Texas, with a mean wage of £7.90 per hour and Virginia with a mean wage of £8.40 per hour. Concierges in major metropolitan areas will make more in tips than those in smaller cities.

Top-Tier Hotels

Forbes advises travellers staying in top-tier luxury hotels to tip the concierge between £3 and 60p for each service he provides, although many guests prefer to tip once, either at the beginning or the end of their stay. For a two-day stay during which the guest received particularly good service, Forbes advises a tip of between £32 and £130. In a busy luxury hotel, this could represent the most significant part of what a concierge makes. The Emily Post Institute also recommends a £3-to-$10 tip for getting the guest tickets to a show or a reservation at a restaurant, depending upon how hard they are to get. In exclusive hotels with high-end clientele, this amount could be significantly more.

Four-Star Hotels

The level of service provided will make a big different when it comes to tip income. A concierge in a four-star hotel typically has clientele that doesn't require luxury service, like getting tickets for sold-out shows or getting a VIP table at the latest trendy restaurant, so they don't tip at luxury rates. It is not unusual for a concierge at a four-star hotel to make £13 a day in tips. Guests usually will not tip if they are merely stopping to ask directions or the name of a good local restaurant from the hotel concierge. Therefore, a concierge in a four-star hotel will make significantly less than one in a luxury hotel.

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