How Many Twitter Accounts Can TweetDeck Handle?

TweetDeck offers a single platform to manage multiple social-networking accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. TweetDeck has released multiple versions for various devices to meet the demands of a busy lifestyle. You can keep all of your social networks at your fingertips and streamline your communications by adding your accounts to TweetDeck.

Versions of TweetDeck

TweetDeck is available in a desktop application, which you download and install on your computer, as well as a Web-based platform accessed with a TweetDeck account login. A version for the Chrome browser integrates your TweetDeck account into a tab in your browser. You can also access your TweetDeck profile with mobile applications for your iPhone or Android phone.

Twitter Accounts

Acquired by Twitter, TweetDeck supports an unlimited number of Twitter accounts. You add each account separately, providing the user name and password for each account. Use the column editor to add columns to your TweetDeck console for each Twitter account you want to manage. You need to add at least one Twitter account when you install the application for the first time.

Facebook Profiles

You can add one Facebook profile to each TweetDeck application. If you have Facebook fan pages attached to your profile, you can add the pages to your Facebook management details in TweetDeck. View the posts on your fan pages and create your own posts on each wall from within the TweetDeck console.

Other Social Media

TweetDeck includes account functionality for your LinkedIn profile, allowing you to monitor activity within your LinkedIn network in a column on your console. Myspace and Google Buzz are also supported in the TweetDeck application, though restricted to only one account each.

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