Rotating Waffle Irons Vs. Regular Waffle Irons

Updated November 21, 2016

Waffle irons are either regular or rotating. The drawback of regular or traditional waffle makers is getting the waffles to cook evenly. This problem is resolved with a rotating waffle iron that flips the waffle for even heating. Traditional waffle irons tend to be of heavier construction and are often less expensive than those that rotate. Depending upon the brand, both types of waffle irons come with special features such as non-stick cooking surfaces, digital display and adjustable temperatures. The one you choose is a matter of preference.

GE Rotating Flip Waffle Maker

The GE Rotating Flip Waffle Maker is compact but delivers big results. Waffles cooked in this waffle maker come out a perfect golden brown. The flip-action handle is the key to cooking waffles evenly on both sides. The top and bottom plates of this waffle maker have a non-stick surface for easy cleaning. It is reasonably priced at around £19 and can be purchased at department stores. This rotating waffle maker is lighter weight than a traditional one made of cast iron. If durability is a concern, a heavier, traditional waffle maker might be better.

Cuisinart Traditional Waffle Iron

The cuisinart Traditional Waffle Iron cooks one large waffle at a time and has a six-setting heat control for light to dark waffles. It also has a tone that sounds when preheating is finished and again when the baked waffles should be removed. Its cooking surfaces are non-stick. The cuisinart Traditional Waffle Iron is priced at around £32 and can be purchased at major department stores. For chefs who are looking for a heavier-duty waffle iron, this is the one to get.

Villa Ware Flip Waffle Maker

Villa Ware makes a rotating Belgian waffle maker for around £52. This is more than some of the other flip waffle makers on the market and also more than many of the traditional models. It has irons with deep pockets for batter that produce a thick Belgian waffle. It has adjustable temperature, a browning control and a warning light that indicates when the waffle is done. It also has a drip tray underneath for batter run-over. Its waffle plates are non-stick. Compared with smaller, less-expensive waffle makers, this heavier, top-tier model is worth the money.

CucinaPro Classic Round American Waffle Maker

The CucinaPro Classic Round American Waffle Maker is small and convenient. It makes one waffle at a time on its non-stick surfaces. It has a browning control and stands up vertically for compact storage. It costs about £32 and is available at department stores and online. This traditional waffle maker is less complicated than any of the flip models, making it simpler to use. It is perfect for a newlywed couple just starting out.

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