Wedding Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

The decorative focus of many wedding receptions is the cake, no matter if it is large or small, elaborate or simple. The smallest cakes are cupcakes, which can retain the elegance of a standard tiered cake, or fit a more funky wedding style. Cupcakes can be stacked, layered, coloured and personalised in ways that were never really considered before. Decorating cupcakes can also be accomplished using a variety of toppings. Even the cupcake holders themselves can become part of the decor.

Tiered Cupcakes

The most popular wedding cupcake display is the tier. Two or more levels are displayed. Some are in the shape of a traditional wedding cake, with closely spaced tiers that show little or no parts of the display tray. Others use a widely spaced tiered tray, with layers of cupcakes filling each level, but with six or more inches between each tier. Tiered displays don't have to be round. Many choose square shaped stands as well.

Stacking Cupcakes

Stacking cupcakes in a pyramid fashion creates a more traditional wedding look. The bottom layer is filled in and each layer that follows contains one less row until you reach the top. Each cupcake can be decorated to simulate a continuous pattern and frosting can be used to fill the gabs for display. See for a recipe and directions for creating such a pyramid. Each cake is covered with a candy shell instead of icing, which alleviates the issue of the cupcakes sticking together when kept cool.

Elegant Toppings

The kind of cake batter used for your cupcakes is up to you, because when decorating it's the outside that counts. The best-looking designs don't have to be bold; they just have to flow within the theme you choose. A simple flat tray of cupcakes can be brought to life by adding a large floral design either by using premade sugar flowers or by creating fanciful flowers from icing (see

Wrappings and Toppings

Just as candy sprinkles create a great party themed cake for children, using colourful toppings can create a colourful adult theme. Consider using fruits such as cherries, slices of peach or even kiwi. Fruit will not only create colour, but can also be refreshing for summer weddings. Another decorative idea is to colour coordinate the paper liner to the icing, which creates a more seamless flow on display. Consider topping lighter icings with sprigs of mint or even edible flowers.

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