Long-haired calico personality characteristics

Written by jennifer hench
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Long-haired calico personality characteristics
Calico cats have distinct markings. (Photos.com/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Choosing which cat to get not only is based on what the cat looks like, but also its personality. A calico cat isn't a breed, but rather its distinctive white, orange and black markings. A longhair calico cat can be a Ragamuffin, Maine Coon, Munchkin, Persian or Norwegian Forest. Each breed has its own set of personality traits. Even though it is not a breed, the calico is the state cat for Maryland.


The Ragamuffin breed of cat can come with long hair and be calico in colour. This breed of cat has a personality that's suitable for households with pets and children. The Ragamuffin breed is notorious for being lap cats, and enjoy being held. They're social and friendly. Though they are docile at times, they do enjoy playing. A Ragamuffin will respond to attention, though they won't seek out affection in a pushy manner.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat remains a top 10 breed within the United States, according to The Cat Fanciers' Association. This breed has long hair per breeding standards and colouring can be found in calico. The temperament and personality of a Maine Coon cat is centred around the cat's loyalty. Maine Coon cats are characteristically curious, friendly and relatively subdued. One interesting trait of Maine Coon cats is that they are attracted to water, which means they won't fear jumping in to the shower, a tub or even a toilet if the mood strikes.


The Munchkin breed of cat is known for the short little legs associated with the breed itself. A Munchkin can have long hair and be calico in colour. The personality of Munchkins is centred around fun and playfulness. Munchkins are known for playing hard, fast and furious. These cats are also natural hunters and will bother an owner to get attention when wanted.


Persian cats are noticeable for their long, soft fur. Persians, who are calico in their colouring, can be found through breeders specialising in such colour options. A Persian has a distinctive personality that's centred around a lot of sleeping. Persians are notorious for being docile and somewhat sedentary cats. However, Persians are affectionate and nonaggressive. Even though they do like to play on occasion, a Persian will spend the most amount of time just hanging around the house.

Norwegian Forest

The longhair Norwegian Forest is another distinct breed that can be calico in colour. This larger cat breed is playful, curious and affectionate by nature. Even though Norwegian Forest cats originated in the forests of Norway and have grown accustomed to being hunters, this breed is docile and nonaggressive. The sociable Norwegian Forest is a good cat choice for households with children and other pets.

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